Trumbull Latin Club Projects and Events


NEW for the 2017-2018 school year, we are launching a Certamen team! We most recently competed at the 2017 Yale University Certamen. The next event is at Princeton University in New Jersey in February 2018. If you are interested in joining, please see Mr. Brust at the next Latin Club!

Certamen is an intense, knowledge-bowl style trivia challenge that asks questions about the Latin language, Roman and Greek mythology, and Romand and Greek culture. Contests are held all over the country. It's a great team!

Monthly Club Meetings

For the 2017 - 2018 school year, our club will meet once a month on Mondays in C-5 from 2:35 - 3:15. Our meetings are fun and festive, where we play games, complete trivia challenges, engage in different activities like scavenger hunts and arts and crafts, eat snacks, practice for achievement tests like the National Latin Exam and certamen, and discuss upcoming activities. We occasionally do joint activities with the other language clubs, so make sure to listen to the homeroom announcements and check the Google Classroom for more information!

Connecticut State Latin Day

Mr. Brust's favorite day of the year is CT State Latin Day. The day, usually the first Friday in May, is held annually at Holiday Hill in Cheshire. There's almost too much to do! It's a full day, with us leaving THS around 7:45 and returning around 3:00. In the morning there are tons of academic workshops and contests as well as trivia and arts and crafts; and the afternoon has tons of great athletic contests, not to mention the ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet that lasts the whole day, as well as the other great amenities Holiday Hill offers. Make sure you wear your tunica (it's a requirement by the Classical Association who hosts the trip)! More information about CT State Latin Day can be found here.

National Junior Classical League Membership and Honor Society

The National Junior Classical League is the governing body for high school classics in the United States. All members of the Latin Club are expected to join the NJCL. In fact, in order to be entered into THS's National Latin Honor Society, we must be members of the NJCL. Membership grants us several privileges, the main one being attendance, if we choose, at the annual national convention. The NJCL puts out this brochure as a little introduction as to what they're all about. The joining fee is only $2, so consider adding yourself to their member list.

For those who are interested, the criteria for induction into Trumbull High School's National Latin Honor Society can be found here.

National Junior Classical League Convention

The NJCL Convention is a great event for all Classics lovers. To put it in perspective, it's basically CT State Latin Day on steroids, with a heavy focus on Certamen-- the classical knowledge competition-- and meeting new and interesting students who take Latin in high schools all across the country. Let's represent CT at the event!

National Latin Exam

The National Latin Exam is an annual, 40-question multiple choice achievement test for high school Latin students of any level sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. It's a tough test-- but, like a true Roman, you take it anyway for your own personal honor and satisfaction... also, if you get a medal, you can skip one of Mr. Brust's quarter 4 tests! More information about the National Latin Exam can be found here. There's evan an online practice app that's great not only for reviewing for the NLE, but also for Latin in general!

The Colosseum

In many ancient cities such as Rome, you can find modern buildings right alongside ruins from centuries ago. Pictured here is the Colosseum, also known Amphitheatrum Flavianum.