Trumbull High School's ACL/NJCL Honor Society

At Trumbull High School, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for our Latin students to be inducted into the American Classical League/National Junior Classical League's Latin Honor Society. This is open to juniors and seniors who take Latin and meet the criteria below. Induction happens around the end of May every year, and memberhsip carried with it certain benefits and duties (with great power comes great responsibility, after all). Please note that students can be enrolled in either ACP, AP, or Honors Latin, but the criteria for each are slightly different.


  • Student must be either a junior enrolled in a level 3 class or above.
  • Student must demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Student must demonstrate personal integrity (honesty, responsibility, and respect for school rules).
  • Student must complete school/community service
  • Student must have an overall school-wide GPA of 3.3 (B+) at the end of the 3rd quarter for the year of recommendation.

  • If a student is in Latin ACP: ALL marking period grades for 7 consecutive quarters starting from level 2 or higher must be A- or higher, including the mid-term and final exams, leading up to the time of honor society recommendations (after the 7th quarter).
  • If a student is in Latin AP/Honors class: Student must have a Final Grade from the previous year (starting from level 2) of an A- or higher AND Student must have an A- average or higher at the time of honor society recommendation (this includes the marking period grades and midterm exam).

More information about the ACL/NJCL honor society can be found here.


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