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I made because I want to help people learn Latin. Everything provided within is free (as in soda and software), and licensed under the GNU General Public License unless otherwise noted. I believe that the Internet is mankind's greatest achievement, because it allows the free (as in software) and fast exchange of ideas. The Internet will allow us to grow as a species. My small contribution to the Internet's body of work is my knowledge of Latin.

That being said, running a website isn't free, and neither is producing the materials for it. Although it is provided libere and gratis, I do accept donations, which help keep this site running and allow me to continue its work. If you support my cause and the cause of the free exchange of knowledge and ideas, please consider donating.

Ben Brust


In ancient Rome, people who washed and cleaned clothes for a living were called fullones. Sometimes they would use urine as part of the washing process.