About The Website

Latinitas is the Latin word for good Latin, or Latinness. It can also refer to the very articulate and professional Latin of which Cicero was a shining exemplar. But Latin isn't just for people like Cicero-- it's for everyone. And-- in my opinion-- it's one of the most beautiful languages. I hope this website helps you in some way to learn Latin, whether you are a student of mine or not.

I created Latinit.as for two reasons. First, because I was unsatisfied with free and "teacher website" alternatives to providing my students ways to access content at home. Next, because I wanted a place to host my own created content like the Latinit.as News Podcast, Adventura Rosae, and other Latin-learning resources. Both of these reasons have the overarching goal of helping people learn Latin, which is the ultimate purpose for this site's existence.

An important thing to know about this website is that, unless otherwise specified, all content created for the website is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and is provided freely (free as in beer and free as in software). That means that, unless specified, it doesn't cost money and anyone is free to distribute it and modify it as they see fit, in accordance with the license. This includes photographs, which I took and licensed under the GNU. Knowledge is power, and information should be free.


About The Author

Ben Brust is a high school Latin teacher in New York City. He did his undergrad in Latin and Secondary Education at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. He minored in Spanish. He has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction, also from the University of Scranton.


You can reach him here. Parents and students should use the work email address provided in the class syllabus!