Private Tutoring

Whether you are a parent looking for private tutoring for your middle or high school aged children, an undergraduate or graduate student looking for some extra help, or an adult learner of Latin, I can meet your needs. I offer individually-crafted tutoring sessions that cater to your unique learning styles and preferences, and target the areas you struggle with most. You get the knowledge and expertise of a veteran Latin teacher certified in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Please reach out to me if you want to schedule a session of find out more. All sessions are 1-hour minimum, and the 2018-2019 school year rates are listed below.

  • Queens and Brooklyn: $100/hour
  • Manhattan: $150/hour
  • Nassau County: $150/hour (weekends only)
  • Staten Island (weekends only, 2-hour minimum): $150/hour

If you are interested, please contact me with your situation and we can figure out a plan that works for you.


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